Yoga Props

Yoga Belt (quick-release buckle)  $18.90

Yoga Bolster & Cover    $46.00

Wooden Wedge  $22.00

Jade Yoga Balsa Yoga Block (view website)  

Manduka Cork Yoga Block 4" x 6" x 9" (view website)     $32.00 each

Yoga Chair   $105.00 each

Yoga Blanket (Made in India)  sold out

Yoga Ropes (set of 4 ropes: 2 long, 2 short) [High quality rope imported from Australia]  $120.00

Wall eye bolts for Yoga Ropes (set of 4)  sold out

Manduka inSight eye pillow   

While we are unable to provide an arrival date for unavailable products, do indicate your interest and we will contact you once it becomes available.