Yoga Props

Yoga Belt (quick-release buckle)  $18.90

Bolster & Cover    $46.00

Wooden Wedge  $22.00

Balsa Stability / SuperLight Yoga Block by Jade Yoga  (view website)   $30.00 each

Bamboo Yoga Block by Manduka 3" x 6" x 9" (view website$42.00 OUT OF STOCK

Cork Yoga Block by Manduka 4" x 6" x 9" (view website)     $32.00 OUT OF STOCK

Yoga Chair   OUT OF STOCK

Yoga Blanket (Made in India)  $46.00 each; $168 for 4 ($42.00 each)

Yoga Ropes (set of 4 ropes: 2 long, 2 short) [High quality rope imported from Australia]  $120.00

Wall eye bolts for Yoga Ropes (set of 4)  $96.00

While we are unable to provide an arrival date for unavailable products, do indicate your interest and we will contact you once it becomes available.